Optimize Your
Legal Team's Training Efficiency with nOg.

Transform your legal experience with our chatbot, powered by CHATPLP.
Going beyond human-like conversations, it actively trains and supports users, ensuring seamless access to databases for personalized assistance.
Welcome to a new era of tailored legaltech learning.

Efficient Chatbot to Elevate Your
User Support Productivity

Minimize Project Delays and Accelerate User Adoption

Optimize the implementation of new legal technologies in your law firm with nOg chatbot, guided by private AI.
It assists new users through specific onboarding programs, offering personalized micro-learning paths in multiple languages for each user.

Enhance Your  Workflow for Optimal Efficiency

Our private generative AI technology, CHATPLP, utilized by nOg, facilitates the development of customized training paths. It takes into account the diverse technologies within each law firm to effectively address specific business processes involving multiple technologies.

Diversify Training
for User-Lawyer Needs

Diversify training to meet varied user needs, especially lawyers. Our tailored programs ensure comprehensive skill development, with the added benefit of a 24/7 multilingual chatbot for the international context of law firms.

All-in-One Chatbot Solution For Team Training Support


nOg trains you on all key technologies in law firms, learns new ones, offering comprehensive, optimized training experiences for business process execution.

Use Case

We have been lucky enough to work on some great projects with some fantastic clients.

Get Better Result with Stunning Features


Streamline onboarding process

Let nOg suggest a personalized and tailored training program upon your arrival to explore the technologies you'll be using.


Handling FAQ's

Let nOg provide you with a list of the most frequently asked questions and the most requested training programs in the firm.


Micro Learning Guided by AI

Allow nOg to answer your questions by suggesting 3 sets of 3-minute video capsules and let the algorithm construct a training path based on what it deems relevant for you.


Responding User Specific Question

nOg excels at responding to user-specific questions by providing tailored and precise answers, ensuring a personalized learning experience

Introducing a friendlier Chatbot

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